At Maliyat Group Limited  we provide you with the environment and conditions that you need to develop in your area of expertise, whether you are a young individual at the beginning of your career, or an experienced professional seeking to move forward. Our mission is to enable you to reach your professional aspirations by giving you the motivation and inspiration to do so.

As a company that places itself at the forefront of progress, we have created an ultra-modern, hi-tech environment for our staff, consisting of the most up to date equipment and cutting edge technology. We make sure that we have the most up to date licenses of your preferred software in order for you to be satisfied with what you’re working with and efficient at what you do. It’s extremely important to us to know that our employees are kept happy with and engaged in their work.

Our team leaders are always there to guide and mentor each member of their team and to inspire them to reach their full potential. We value and respect our employees and view them as our most important asset, our present and our future. Each employee’s contribution is invaluable because at Maliyat Group Limited  we believe that collective decision making is the key to success. Our company stands for trust, respect, integrity, innovation and progress.

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Why work with LEVERAQE?

Team Spirit

We believe that learning is best achieved through discussion and exchange of ideas. We cultivate diversity, encouraging real communication and the expression of different opinions. We have built a true community of team players who are always friendly and supportive of each other. We work hard and enjoy what we do, because we think work should be fun!

Career Growth

With Maliyat Group Limited , you’ll discover that a job is more than just a job. We are committed to giving employees the tools and support they need to advance their careers. We believe in both personal and career growth, allowing our employees to aim high and pursue academic programs to further their learning. At Maliyat Group Limited , we help you get on the career path you have always dreamed of.

Competitive Salary

We believe happy team members are more productive and effective, which is why we offer employees competitive salaries, not to mention plenty of added benefits too! If you are ambitious, want to be remunerated for what you deserve, and rewarded for your accomplishments, look no further. At Maliyat Group Limited , no effort goes unnoticed.